Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kg Patau Homestay, Tambunan

PATAU village is situated in a scenic valley surrounded by forested hills and mountains. At an elevation of around 2,000 meters above sea levels, day time temperature is around 22-28oC while night time can dip to a chilly 16-18oC.

With a small community of only a few hundred residents, Patau village provides a peaceful retreat. It is truly an ideal place to relax and enjoy a slow pace of life. Visitors will be hosted by families who will provide simple accommodation, local cuisines and cultural performances (for group bookings of 15 pax and more).

Together with the friendly locals, join some of the activities that make up daily life in Patau from tapai brewing (a potent rice wine), bamboo mats weaving, gong playing (musical instrument used to convey celebratory, funerary and warning messages) or party with us during festival seasons (May - Harvest Festival and December - Year End).

However, if you prefer the outdoors, then explore the wonderful nature and extraordinary biodiversity found around Patau and Crocker Range. You can swim at Mahua Waterfall, join the Panoramic Hike, explore the jungle and hunt for wild games. Or for a milder outdoor actions, get involve in agricultural activities such as planting and harvesting rice (season based) or you can while your time away fishing.

Along the way, pick up the local lingo and learn the sing-song language of the Kadazandusuns.

Whatever you chose to do, a homestay with us will be a unique and memorable experience.

HomeStay Attraction:

▪ Cool temperature all year long

Nearest to Mahua Waterfall

Tapai brewing

Bamboo mat weaving

Learn Kadazandusun language

Hiking & Jungle Trekking

Making wild animal traps

Planting or harvesting rice

World biggest flower

Local cuisines

Cultural performances*

For More Information, Please Call:

019 820 3198


Anonymous said...

Hi, we're interested in the Patau homestay and wonders if u can package an itinery for 4D3N for us from 15th-18th May.

Thanks! Also, will we catch the harvest festival during this period? Thanks!

Please email me the rates and suggested itinery and package inclusions at thanks.

FAB, UTM Skudai said...

Hi, I want to bring students for 3 days from 11 Apr-13 Apr. Can you email me the tentative and rates at Tahnk you

FAB, UTM Skudai said...

Hi, I'm interested in Kg Patau Homestay. Can you email me the rates and tentative program at
Thank you.

Ivy Iverlyna said...
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Ivy Iverlyna said...

Hi, I'm posting from UMS. We are going to have a fieldtrip to Tambunan and we are looking for a place to rest for about 3 days and 2 nights from 28-30 april. I would like to have a list of the rates and tentative or activities that we can do at there. Please send it to me through my email Thank you