Saturday, February 11, 2012

Land Mark of Tambunan

Replika Halia ( Ginger)
Sompoton ( Traditional Music Instrument )
If you go to Tambunan, you may see this 2 very significant landmark. This land mark can be seen at the roundabout after SMK Tambunan high school ( route from KK to Tambunan ) and another one at the town .

Im not really sure about the real history but from what i heard from people, Sompoton is a traditional music instrument originally produce by Tambunan people. No need to go here just to see the sompoton because you can find the real sompoton at souvenir shop and music shop in Kota Kinabalu. Now, sompoton used as one of the music instrument in any musical event.

Ginger is a trademark of Kg Tikolod Tambunan because lots of people there plant Ginger.

( actually in need more info about this. I will come up with a long explanation later )

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